Ian's giclee prints of black & white pen-and-ink drawings have recorded the sometimes outlandish thatched cottages of the West Country, the villages and monuments of the Irish Republic, and the stone crosses of both Kernow (Celtic Cornwall) and the ancient county of Pembrokeshire in Wales’ extreme southwestern corner.

To this have been added the hill villages of his native Lancashire and, from his stay in South Asia, the fire temples and lotus ponds of sacred spots, as well as traditional - often tribal - thatched huts of the Indian and Vietnamese ‘interiors'.



Ian first developed an interest in screenprinting whilst working for a firm of architects in India who produced prints of their buildings using traditional miniature-style techniques such as flattening-out of perspective and deep, pungent colours.

His most recent works are vivid, hand-printed screenprints of Pembrokeshire’s coastline, in contrast to his small B&W images.



Take a look at his limited-edition black-and-white giclee prints and hand screenprints on the gallery pages and find out more about his work, where to view it and how to purchase pieces.